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Find The PEO That’s Right For You

There are 100's of them out there so place your trust in a group that has over 25 years experience in the PEO market.


The Right PEO:


Is able to offer better rates for insurance, and 401(k) programs.


Supports the Human Resource Department.


Takes on the weight of compliance and accountability in order for organization leaders to focus on growing their mission.


Keeps payroll and bookkeeping tasks off the to-do lists of employees or volunteers.


Takes on the responsibility of tax payments, unemployment claims, risk management, and workers’ compensation claims.


Takes on the responsibility of disciplinary actions, termination, recruiting, background screening, training, harassment, and discrimination.

What the Medical Link can do for you.

Our IRS Certified PEO Partners

Some of our Clients currently working with PEOs include:

  • Nonprofits
  • Charter Schools
  • Financial Firms
  • Technology Firms
  • Architecture Firms
  • and Many More

Is your current PEO IRS certified? If not you may be at risk.

Find out now!