teamNot every business requires the same tools to succeed, but there are a few fundamental parts that will contribute to any success story. One of these parts is your administrative assistance. You’ve probably recognized this need while constructing your business plan. Whether you chose to start out doing the human resources documentation on your own, or have planned on hiring someone else to do it, considering a PEO company is going to be your best option.

The Medical Link has tons of experience working with small businesses and providing them PEO services including payroll, human services and compliance. Since our inception, we’ve truly perfected our services and have gained an overall understanding of when they’re applicable. The need for PEO services can be determined by sizing. Below we have listed out the different tiers and where they stand in regards to PEO services.

Less Than 10 Employees

If you are a relatively new business and have a team that is currently under 10 teammates, you will be better off doing your human resource and payroll services in-house. At this rate, working in-house until your company grows will make the most sense financially and will help you gain an understanding of what these services entail.  This will leave you  feeling even more comfortable when you pass over the responsibilities to us, after your company has grown.

10 – 500 Employees

This tier group is the optimal size for a company that is going to work with our PEO services. A group of this size can easily be managed with the help of our PEO services, but when you try to manage a group of this size in-house, it can get trickier. The task in itself will require at least two positions to get all of the work done completely. Rather than hire on a bunch of people to tackle the task, you can count on one PEO company to manage all of these areas that are a necessity to any business.

500+ Employees

For businesses that have over 500 employees, we suggest pairing an in-house administrative service team with an outsourced PEO service team. This duo is incomparable when it comes to a fool-proof process. While this can be a bit trickier for businesses of this size, having a PEO company that understands the importance of communication and organization is a must. That’s why working with individuals from companies, such as The Medical Link, will always prove to be beneficial in the long run.

Being successful is only possible if you have all of the tools that you need to make it happen. At The Medical Link we have the tools; even more so, we do the hard work for you so that you can see the success without having to get your hands dirty. If you have any questions regarding the information above, feel free to contact our office. The team here at The Medical Link is ready to help you improve your business with our PEO services.