How to Help Your Employees Transition to Remote Work the medical link nyc

Since COVID-19, many people have made the transition to remote work out of necessity. This may have been difficult for some and easy for others. However, it was probably a sudden move out of necessity for many. In the shuffle and perhaps chaos of the moment, your employees may have struggled or still be struggling with figuring it all out, especially if they have little ones at home or roommates who are uncooperative.

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In addition, we offer an online HR software that allows your employees to understand their benefits, enroll in benefits, and help with reporting. Since your employees are now working remotely, it’s harder to communicate with them with regard to their benefits. Having this information accessible can be super helpful to your employees and can save your staff time and effort in management. Below, we’ll offer up a few tips on how to help your employees transition to remote work. Contact us about our human resources software today!


Be Flexible

Working from home offers its unique challenges. One of these is balancing your family with your work, especially if your employees have little ones at home. There will be times during the day that employees will have to attend to the needs of their children over work, and this is something you as a company will have to adapt to. In addition, some employees may work better early in the morning or late at night, when the house is quiet and chores are done. Research has shown that employees are usually more productive when they can follow their own schedules. Thus, an inherent amount of trust has to be built in by the employer. This is important to your employees as they adjust to working from home.

Ensure Regular Communication

When you work from home, a lot of communications can be lost since the collaboration that is inherently built into an office setting is now gone. As an employer, you’ll have to make extra efforts to have regular meetings and to keep your employees up-to-speed on the happenings in the company. Whether you decide to hold zoom meetings, group chats, or just regular email newsletters, you’ll need to ensure the lines of communication stay open.


Speaking of communication, it’s imperative during your open enrollment for healthcare that your employees are kept in the loop. Healthcare is so important to everyone, yet in a remote environment, the details can be easily lost. The Medical Link in New York offers the best HR software. Your employees can enroll in benefits, view the different benefit plans available, decide which benefit plan is right for them, and have a FAQ page.

In addition, our online HR software involves much more than just employee benefits administrative software. Our all-inclusive online HR software solution offers an onboarding section where new employees can fill out their important paperwork, such as I-9s and W-4s, as well as a time clock and attendance tracker. Your employees will have access at their fingertips to important information, and you won’t forget tasks, such as compliance forms or other tax information. If you are interested in our top HR software, contact our team today!