busyWe’ve probably said it a million times over the past couple of months, but working with a company that offers PEO services really does save you time and money. As one of the leading PEO providers, we have worked to provide small businesses with everything that they need in a manner that will make working with us the best decision you’ve ever made. One of the reasons that we hear small business owners happy to have to worked with us is because of the amount of time that they were able to save with our help. To prove to you that this is the case, we broke down a few of the statistics that we see time and time again when working with individual business owners.

50 Hour Weeks

In a past blog, we mentioned that a good portion of small business owners spend an average of 50 hours a week working. That is an additional 2 hours a day to the standard business day. In that time, business owners are expected to manage and maintain all of the ebbs and flow that allow for this business to run smoothly. With an average of 50 hours a week, finding ways to minimize the amount of time that needs to be spent in the office is something that all business owners need to do. One of the areas that see business owners spending a
majority of their time is in HR administration.

time45% of Time

If you weren’t convinced that HR administration took up a lot of your time, then you’ll be surprised to hear that on average, business owners are spending almost 45% of their time working on HR administration. From the hiring process to managing healthcare and benefits, the amount of time that goes into not only making sure all of this runs smoothly, but that it’s done with quality and thought behind it, is ridiculous. When you work with a PEO company, we take these responsibilities over, and while it may sound nerve-wracking, having someone that can manage all of this for you and has years of experience in the industry should only lessen your stress and provide you with the time that you need to get more important things done.

Focus Elsewhere

After talking to individuals who have used our PEO services, we have found that these small business owners did see a change in the amount of time that needed to be spent on HR administration. While everyone did use their time differently, there were two areas that were commonly brought up when we asked these small business owners where it was they were now directing their time towards. The two most common answers were that business owners with more time were able to dedicate this new found time to growing their business and running their business, both of which benefited their employees and business in the long run. That’s what PEO services really come down to. We hope to be an investment of sorts in your business, allowing you to drive your attention to the places where your say, standards and ideas are going to be at their strongest. Let us take care of the paperwork and tedious tasks that leave you too busy for the rest of your business.

If you’re ready to save time while still maintaining high quality ethics and standards, then it’s time for you to partner up with a member of our team and start utilizing our PEO services. We are prepared to provide you with the one stop shop for all of the services that you need to successfully take care of your employees. Call us today and get started on creating your very own PEO strategy.