We’ve previously discussed what a professional employer organization is or a PEO but the question still remains should an employer benefit from working with a PEO?

A PEO is a way of outsourcing a company’s HR management, insurance packages, and payroll to experienced professionals who do just that.  It requires experience to make that decision.  The Medical Link in New York City, partners with many different businesses to help them chose the PEO they need for HR management and to leverage better benefits within a network environment.

Small Business, Big Business, and Everything In between

There isn’t a right or wrong answer for who can benefit from a PEO.  According to the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations, PEOs typically work with companies that average 19 employees.  Small businesses probably gain the most benefit from having an HR management resource.  When a company is small, it doesn’t necessarily have the bargaining power for insurance benefits of larger companies.  In addition, you want to focus on growing your business instead of worrying about HR management. It is far better to leave the HR management to the experts.     

However, larger businesses can also benefit from a PEO.  Many larger businesses can have their existing human resources department partner with a PEO to provide services like payroll and compliance. In addition, PEOs can provide prebuilt software that can benefit any HR department and simplify enrollments and communication.

Any type of business is a great candidate for a PEO service.  There is no specific industry that should work with a PEO, any business from finance to retail or to tech company can benefit. Contact The Medical Link today to learn more about PEO and HR management services for all business types.