pen Enrollment Again! Now What? the medical link nyc

Usually when open enrollment rolls around, your company has a lot of informational meetings you can attend where you can ask questions and get clarity. However, with so many employees working at home due to COVID-19, employee benefits are now more befuddled than before. Plus, with new services being needed, such as telehealth services, employees have even more questions than before about what their health insurance covers. So what is the solution?

One solution is to take advantage of a cloud HR software solution such as that offered by our The Medical Link. Our HR software integrates seamlessly with your current insurance vendors and payroll provider to help your employees get the answers they need about their health care coverage and so much more. From being able to track PTO to being able to be integrated with payroll, our HR software has got your needs covered. Below, we’ll take a more in-depth look at how our employee benefits software can help your work-from-home employees during open enrollment. Contact our team to get started today!


Integrates with Insurance Vendors

Having the ability for your HR software to integrate with insurance vendors saves your staff and your employees a lot of work. You will easily be able to see insurance benefits and options, as well as a list of preferred providers for all of your healthcare services, from vision to dental, life, and health.

Integrates with Your Payroll Provider

If you’ve ever done payroll for your small business, you understand how much work this can be. From having to log into your system to grab hours for your employees to having to enter that data into your payroll system and print checks or process it electronically, plus have the correct taxes be paid is a lot to manage, and there are a lot of places to mess it up. With our cloud HR software, you will be able to have payroll in the same location as your employees’ benefits. In addition, you’ll be able to track employees’ hours, attendance, and track PTO all in one location.

Allows for Compliance Tracking

Compliance is a big deal in the HR world. At any moment, your small business could be audited, and if your paperwork is not in order, you could be in for some hefty fines. By having your compliance all in one online HR software location, you will streamline your processes and not have any forms overlooked. Our top HR software also has the ability to for 1094-C and 1095-C reporting, further ensuring these important documents aren’t missed.


We at The Medical Link in New York have over 25 years of healthcare industry experience in a variety of fields. We understand firsthand how difficult the HR process is. Since COVID-19, most small businesses have struggled to stay in compliance because employees are now working from home. No longer can you just pop into your employee’s office to have a form signed. By investing in our HR solution, you’ll make your life easier. If you are interested in our HR software or our PEO consulting services, reach out today!