Benefits of Staying Remote Post-COVID the medical link nyc

If you’re a parent, one of the hardest things to do is to leave your newborn baby in the care of a nanny or a babysitter while you return to work full time. No doubt tears were shed and then some. In fact, you secretly wished you could work from home so you could be with your baby. Enter COVID-19, the unexpected virus that forced millions of Americans to work from home for the first time. Your company didn’t have a choice because the government shut down. Now that you work from home, you love it and don’t want to return. So should your company stay working from home once COVID restrictions lift?

The Medical Link in New York is an Employee Benefits Consultant, helping small businesses with their benefits, HR, and payroll needs. We offer advisory services in human resource management, as well as employee benefits. We also offer a top HR software that allows for many applications, including payroll, to be integrated seamlessly, making your life as a small business owner much easier. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the benefits of staying remote in a post-COVID world. Reach out to our team to get started today!


Overhead Savings

The most obvious benefit in terms of cost is in the overhead savings. When all of your employees are working remotely, your office costs disappear. As most small business owners know, this can be a huge expense. From utility bills to paying the rent, the cleaning people, and the snow removal services in the wintertime, there are a lot of costs associated with having a physical location as a business owner. When all of your staff work from home, these costs disappear, allowing you to take those savings and invest them elsewhere. This can be huge, especially if you are considering launching a new product.

Employee Happiness

Many employees love working from home. There are so many lifestyle benefits, from being able to be at home with your kids to eliminating the headache of having to commute and drive in the snow. And there is most definitely something to be said about working in your pajamas. You can wear what you want, be comfortable, have everything you need, eat lunch when you want, and be home working with a cat on your lap. Some people call work from home jobs a little piece of heaven, and the most certainly can be. As a small business owner, The Medical Link recommends that you do a survey of your employees about whether they want to stay working from home before you make a decision.


Through PEOs (Professional Employer Organizations), your small to medium-sized business in New York can offer affordable employee benefits while receiving HR support, integration with payroll, and be in regulatory compliance. There is so much that goes into choosing a reputable PEO to help you with employee benefits, 401(k) plans, and more that enlisting the service of a PEO consultant such as The Medical Link who has years of experience in the healthcare industry can be a lifesaver.

In addition, we offer an online HR software solution that can handle all of your employee benefits for you, from new employee enrollments and selections to allowing your employees to easily compare their healthcare plans. There’s no doubt that many employees are downright befuddled by employee healthcare packages. By having a secure online HR software that they can visit when it’s convenient for them, you’ll eliminate a lot of work on your end. If you are interested in partnering with The Medical Link for employee benefits software, contact us today!