When companies in NYC learn about the services provided by The Medical Link, they quickly begin to see that our expertise and efficiency can help them save money in ways they never thought were possible. However, it’s important to note that business owners and investors aren’t the only ones who gain an advantage when human resource tasks are turned over to a properly vetted PEO. There are very profound employee benefits to be gained as well. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the most important ways that using our services can be attractive to your employees as well.

Attractive Benefits Packages

One especially desirable benefit of connecting with vendors through The Medical Link is that we can allow your company to offer a far more attractive benefits package than you might have been able to access on your own. When you use a PEO, your employees will have access to plans from the top insurance companies in the business, including MetLife, Aetna, and United Healthcare. Being able to demonstrate these kind of insurance plans is likely to make new people want to join your organization, and make veteran employees want to stay.

Safer, More Equanimeous Workplaces

Everything is all fun and games when you’re just six employees, working out of a single office space somewhere in NYC. But what happens when you finally get that funding you’ve been waiting for and it’s time to grow from six employees to sixty? Suddenly, it becomes far more important to make sure that you’re following the rules and regulations that ensure safe workplaces with equal opportunity for new and existing employees. With the seamless guidance from an experienced PEO recommended by The Medical Link, you can rest assured that you’re in compliance with the most current rules and enforcing strong workplace policies from the very beginning. Your employees will feel safer and more confident in how to handle conflict, which will ultimately keep them happier.

Streamlined HR Processes

If you’re like most business managers, keeping track of onboarding, exit interviews, PTO requests, and work from home policies is the bane of your existence. When you get frustrated and overwhelmed, these processes can get rushed and important requests fall between the cracks. With a PEO’s streamlined HR services, you’ll know that everything is being tracked and implemented in a timely manner, and employees will love having a single online portal where they can access everything you need.

Stronger, More Qualified Coworkers

Another unlikely benefit of using a PEO is that, because of the benefits listed above, you’ll attract higher quality talent. This is great for you, the business owner, but it’s also great for the employees already working at your company. When you hire strong candidates, it elevates your entire team. Rather than forcing veteran employees to take time away from their work for training, you’ll be able to onboard people quickly with help from our HR services, and continue working towards goals.

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