1. How HR Software Saves Your Small Business Money the medical link nyc

    How HR Software Saves Your Small Business Money

    Small businesses are made up of people, which is the small business's greatest asset. After all, without people to take care of your customers, your small business wouldn't exist. The department dedicated to taking care of your people is human resources. Human resources is the backbone of your organization. They ensure your employees are happy so that, in turn, your employees can ensure your custo…Read More

  2. Why HR Needs The Perfect HR Software Solution Post-COVID the medical link nyc

    Why HR Needs The Perfect HR Software Solution Post-COVID

    Human resources (most often shortened to HR) is responsible for all of the activities and care of an employee while they are employed with the company. From recruiting and hiring of employees to the onboarding, training, and ultimate firing or handling of when an employee quits, HR ensures that employee's needs are taken care of. This includes managing the employees' benefits. If this seems like a…Read More

  3. Benefits of Staying Remote Post-COVID the medical link nyc

    Benefits of Staying Remote Post-COVID

    If you're a parent, one of the hardest things to do is to leave your newborn baby in the care of a nanny or a babysitter while you return to work full time. No doubt tears were shed and then some. In fact, you secretly wished you could work from home so you could be with your baby. Enter COVID-19, the unexpected virus that forced millions of Americans to work from home for the first time. Your com…Read More

  4. How to Help Your Employees Transition to Remote Work the medical link nyc

    How to Help Your Employees Transition to Remote Work

    Since COVID-19, many people have made the transition to remote work out of necessity. This may have been difficult for some and easy for others. However, it was probably a sudden move out of necessity for many. In the shuffle and perhaps chaos of the moment, your employees may have struggled or still be struggling with figuring it all out, especially if they have little ones at home or roommates w…Read More

  5. pen Enrollment Again! Now What? the medical link nyc

    Open Enrollment Again! Now What?

    Usually when open enrollment rolls around, your company has a lot of informational meetings you can attend where you can ask questions and get clarity. However, with so many employees working at home due to COVID-19, employee benefits are now more befuddled than before. Plus, with new services being needed, such as telehealth services, employees have even more questions than before about what thei…Read More

  6. Navigating Employee Benefits Post-COVID New York The Medical Link

    Navigating Employee Benefits Post-COVID

    To say 2020 has been a year is a grandiose understatement. No one would have predicted that the lives of New Yorkers would have been so turned upside down. And while it's probably safe to say that no one enjoyed any part of the stay-at-home orders, some benefits did come out of it, such as saved lives and maybe new career and work opportunities, such as work from home. Now that we're trending to b…Read More

  7. Why Do Investors Want Entrepreneurs To Choose A PEO?

    Anyone who wants to start a small business understands that there is a financial risk. Not all businesses can succeed given the many startup costs, such as employee wages, rent for business with a physical location, employee benefits, inventory, taxes, etc. While there are some entrepreneurs who are able to use their own capital to fund the business, there are also many small business owners who r…Read More

  8. 3 Reasons Why Nonprofits Should be in a PEO

    According to the National Center for Charitable Statistics, in 2015 there were 1.56 million nonprofits registered with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Each of these nonprofits were established in order to promote or advocate for a particular cause, and in doing so, any extra revenue is put back into their efforts rather than distributing revenue to members of the organization. This typically m…Read More

  9. A Solution For Your Small Business’s Too Expensive Medical Plan

    As a small business, it is important to offer employee benefits. This helps you compete against larger companies when it comes to maintaining and attracting workforce talent. Unfortunately, medical insurance is always on the rise and is one of the main things employees are looking for. There is a way to combat this though while offering more support to your company. A PEO allows your company to be…Read More

  10. A Cost Effective Solution To New York State’s Community Rating Medical Insurance Pool

    Currently in New York, if you are an employer with fewer than 100 employees, you don’t have any leeway when it comes to pricing on medical insurance. This is due to New York State’s Community Rating Pool. This pool helps keep the market steady for small businesses and individuals who are seeking insurance. It may sound great at first, but it can cripple some companies financially.  Profession…Read More